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Various Self defense products

Self defense products are the safety weapons which are used to protect yourself from the attacker.The common self products which are used in emergency are:

1. Pepper spray: These spray uses a powder which is very much similar to Lost Mary chili powder. The general constituents of the powder are capsicum oleoresin. It temporary paralyses the larynx which is an important organ of our respiratory system. This restricts the supply of oxygen in the body and the person gets unconscious. The spray styles are

Stream spray: This style of pepper spray is least effective because the shot does not make tiny droplets. But this type of stream pattern has some advantages also. they can be fired from a distance of twenty feet. If it hits the face of the attacker then surely you can escape from the spot. There is no possibility that the spray can come back on you.

Cone mist spray: The cone mist spray are more effective than stream spray because the spray density is finer than Stream spray. So if there are a number of attackers than a barrier can be created. But the disadvantages included with this spray pattern are that they can hit the target only from a range of eight to ten meters. They are very difficult to control also because the spray can come back on you also.

Fog spray: This type of spray pattern is the most effective because the spray pattern is in the form of tiny droplets so that the chances of encountering the spray by an attacker are high. But these sprays are difficult to control in wind as their direction gets change in wind.

2. Mace Spray: It uses tear gas and aerosol as its constituents. When it is used the attacker’s nervous system gets affected and he looses his balance and falls on the ground. These spray are less effective than Pepper spray.

3. Stun guns: It releases electric voltage and the attacker get stunned because of this. These guns uses cartridges which can be replaced easily.Stun guns are less powerful in comparison than Taser gun.

4.Tasers: It generates electric pulses of low amperes and because of this the attacker experiences an electric shock and fells into a dilemma. These guns are generally used by the law agencies.

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