Top Tips For Scifi, Fantasy Booklovers

Ever since I was a young fellow I have had a passion for the scifi and fantasy book genre both the reading of and the collecting. Unfortunately book stores and newsagents never seemed to have anything but best sellers or factory seconds. So I learnt how to hunt out the best places for my fix and I would like to share these tips with you all, please note these tips are aimed at the to be collectors but casual readers should also enjoy the information.

Tip 1 For beginners to collecting a great way to start out is by visiting second hand bookstores as they have low prices and often an OK selection. The main problem sci fi-games 2022 with second hand stores is that the books are often well used and quite often they have the stores stamp inside so that you don’t re-trade it. Overall for collectors I rate them 3/10.

Tip 2 For the budget conscious take the time to check out local garage sales for new authors or titles you haven’t had the pleasure to read. This option often has low quality books and often it’s impossible to get full sets but on rare occasions there is a diamond in the rough. A great example of this was a few years back I bought a whole box of old scifi novels for $5 and ended up finding a first edition Edgar Rice Burroughs, A Princess of Mars in the bottom which is displayed proudly in my collection. Overall for collectors I rate garage sale between 3 and 7/10.

Tip 3 Online auction sites such as eBay are often a great place for rare editions, collectibles, sets and singles to complete a collection. This option is quite often a good way to save money but is fraught with dangers, such as the ability not to physically check the item and the sellers description may be misleading.

I have been stung (the book I bought had a second hand store stamp inside), and I have won a few by picking up full sets of wanted stories. Overall rating 7/10.

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