The Best Proven Forex Trading Software For All Currencies

Close to 85% of retail forex traders lose money – especially when they first start off trading. So can a trader make money by using a forex robot trader such as FAP Turbo in his trading? How can you succeed in metatrader 4 forex trading by using the FAP Turbo forex software? Is FAP Turbo Forex the best and proven forex trading software for all currencies?

What is FAP Turbo

FAP Turbo Forex is an auto robot trader. In the simplest form of explanation, FAP Turbo evaluates trading setups, and then recommends and allow you to trade these setups automatically, taking the loss or profit whenever it closes the trade.

Problems In Using Robot Trading Software

In theory, it is all perfect. What is better than a trading robot who does all the work for you and gets the work done with the best desired results- so that the end result is that you reap a gigantic profit? Indeed, the dream of the trader who aims for the highest profit is to be able to identify the ideal trade setups where you can buy at the lowest and sell at the highest, something that a forex robot trader can be programmed to work idealistically,easily and mechanically without emotion.

However, in practice, we face problems, and these are the difficulties that anyone who wants to succeed in forex trading with FAP Turbo Forex must recognize.

Firstly, what level of confidence can we attach to trading with the FAP Turbo forex robot? Since we are not the programmer of the robot, we are not familiar with its trading algorithm, and how it picks the trading setups. Most importantly, how does it identifies a trading setup, and what is the risk level attached to its programmed trading setups that will allow you to “stop loss” and exit a trade? Without being told these facts which have been used in its program,what can you do to ensure you can succeed in forex trading using FAP Turbo?

Circumstantial Evidence Testing

As a seasoned and experienced trader, we can adopt a circumstantial method to find out whether FAP Turbo can generate good results and thereby offers evidence of success for which it is programmed for.
If we are unable to know how FAP Turbo is programmed, we can indirectly gauge its usefulness from the results of using it.

Now, generally, many software, FAP Turbo forex included, will lead you to a website to look at results from using the software. There will normally be a display of figures that will show how profitable it is in the recent past of using the software. The general premise is that since it performed well in the past, it has a good propensity to generate you the same profits into the future.

That is, in part, a fallacy. Past performance does not equate to future performance because of different trading trends covered in the time span of the previous trading period. In other words, you might be making big profits in a prolonged upward trend, but now the trend has changed decidedly to bearish, and that upsets the trading algorithm and will not generate similar profits.

So how then can we test FAP Turbo Forex and obtain more than reasonable evidence that it can help you become a successful forex trader?

Most trading software will present trading results as circumstantial evidence that their software will work mainly trading results based on a backtest. In the more discerning ones, forward tests are included.
In conducting the backtest and forward test, we take a block of historical data, and divide the data into two parts, using one part of the data for the backtest and the second part of the historical data for the forward test.

Backward Tests and Forward Tests

The backward test will provide circumstantial evidence that a trading software has worked previously to make you big profits. Then by studying the forward test results, we can check whether the trading software has been successful in generating profits using the same trading algorithm but in a different and future period – but note, this forward test is still based on past historical data.

Back Testing and Live Testing of Fap Turbo Forex

The crux of the testing is in the live trading – we are actually looking at the performance of the fab turbo forex in real time. This live trading test provide better evidence of its usefulness and accuracy as a trading software because of its timeliness and we can see whether the test provide robust results that are sustainable in a live environment.

Now how did FAP Turbo performed in backtesting?

Over a 9 year documented period, there were 9645 total trades, out of which 95.9% were winnerswith a 0.35% drawdown. This averages to 48.5% profit a month.

In Live Testing, results indicate even better profit figures.Tests were done on 3 accounts of different sizes – small and big accounts. Results indicated that FAP Turbo made at least double its backtest results for each of these 3 different accounts.

It is only when a forex trading robot like FAP Turbo is tested and proven to be able to generate profits during historical and forward testing, and also in live trading that you can attach a high level of confidence in using it as a forex robot trader. In the world of forex trading, a sustainable forex trading system that works over all periods is very important. Without that, you are doomed to a dismal failure. With FAP Turbo forex, you can see proven results that it works during back test and live testing, making it the best forex robot trading software by far.


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