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Key Things to Know About Biometric Fingerprint Time Clocks

Biometric identification is not a new concept. It is actually one of the oldest forms of identification and is most commonly known for its use by law enforcement for things such as identifying criminals or lost children. The process of biometric identification, however, has undergone a huge transformation. Biometric identification was once a highly manual and labor control de acceso biometrico intensive process. It could take weeks, and even months, for individuals to match hard copies of fingerprints to those stored in files. Even then, after all that time and effort, the data was not always accurate and reliable. Thanks to the wonder of automation, biometric identification technology today is a whole new world.

About Biometric Identification Technology

In simplest terms, biometric identification refers to the identification of humans by their physiological characteristics or traits. Biometrics can use physical characteristics such as the face, hand geometry, fingerprints, iris, retina or vein; or it can use behavioral characteristics like the voice or handwriting. Physical biometric traits cannot be stolen, lost or forgotten making biometric technology one of the most reliable solutions available today to verify that a person is whom he or she is claiming to be.

Due to this easy, yet powerful form of verification and authentication, biometric technology is becoming wildly popular in the business world as a way to accurately track and manage employee work hours. Systems like biometric fingerprint time clocks with online time & attendance tracking software are an effective means to monitor employee attendance. Contributing to this trend is that most biometric systems today are not just reliable, but are also affordable making them accessible to any corporation, regardless of its size or industry.

About Biometric Fingerprint Time Clocks

The key to biometric fingerprint time clocks is the fingerprint scanner. The scanner has the important job of grabbing high-quality images that clearly identify a fingerprint. Sophisticated software quickly encrypts this image and analyzes it to determine whether the coded pattern of ridges and valleys of the fingerprint match those of pre-scanned stored images.

One of the major plus points of a biometric fingerprint scanner is its security. The idea behind the technology is that the actual fingerprint image is never saved in the system. To protect an individual’s identity, fingerprint images are stored as a series of binary code numbers, which ensures the security of that print. The unique and specific characteristics of each fingerprint are filtered and saved as an encrypted biometric key. Once a fingerprint’s data is converted to a mathematical representation, it cannot be reconverted to an image. This eliminates the risk of identity theft and enhances the security of online time & attendance tracking software, making biometric technology ideal for employee identification.

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