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How Three Television Shows Have Inspired Many Americans to Lose Weight

There is a rising health problem in the United States and that problem is obesity. This past year, in some states, the obesity rate has reached to almost 50% of the population which has never even come close before. Even the entertainment industry is becoming involved trying to bring awareness of this struggle that so many Americans have in trying to lose weight. Currently there are three television shows showing the journey to lose weight for different people. These shows are focused on trying to inspire more people to try to improve their health by learning to eat better and weigh their portions on a gram scale, exercising and doing a weekly check on weighing scales.

The first show that aired on regular network television several years ago is called The Biggest Loser. It takes people that are morbidly obese which is at least 100 pounds or more overweight, and teaches them how to lose weight on an exercise intense weight loss program. It also teaches them nutritional facts on how to eat healthy on a lower fat diet while still feeling satisfied. The amount of weight lost by the contestants on this show is remarkable with some losing more than 20 pounds in the first week. homeland project free tv Trainer, Jillian Michaels goes against the belief that a person that is so overweight can not do intense exercise and she proves it by making people that are close to 500 pounds go running. This show has inspired thousands of Americans to lose weight and keep it off.

The next show is called Ruby and it follows the life of a woman by that name who at one time weighed 700 pounds. It shows her dealing with the daily struggles of living as an overweight person most of her life and the things she has not been able to do for more than 10 years like drive a car on her own. It also shows how many professionals it takes to deal with all of the issues that made a person get to such a high weight in the first place. She has nutritionists that have her on a set meal plan, trainers to teach her how to exercise, and mental health professionals who are trying to figure out why she ate herself to almost 700 pounds and how to stop that pattern of destruction. Ruby, also has inspired many to take control of their health and lose weight.

The newest program on television is called One Big Happy Family that follows a family of four that all weigh between 300-400 pounds with two of them being only 13 and 16 years old. Two family members seem to want to change while the other pair is resistant. It emphasizes the ridicule they receive out in public for their weight and how they need to work together as a family to change their habits.


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