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Firearm Instructor Responsibilities: Keep up with the Science!

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If we consider all of the latest information available regarding the physiology of stress and how it relates to our bodies during a dynamic critical incident, it seems that we must also evaluate how we teach today’s warriors as it relates to stress under fire. Many studies have shown that when placed under an extreme amount of stress, our bodies will react in a somewhat predictable way to protect itself. Some examples of these reactions wolfbox 4k dash cam are; the startle flinch, tunnel vision (the rise of visual acuity), auditory exclusion, lowering of center of gravity, facing the stimulus (indexing the threat), eyes opening wide (both eyes) to focus on the threat.

It has been since the mid seventies and the beginnings of the dash cam videos that we have been able to see actual shootings and the chaotic way that they play out. It is unrealistic that we see anyone involved actually stand in a perfect weaver stance, focus on the front sights, squinting one eye, and squeeze off a controlled pair. It is shown repeatedly, assailants and officers, shooting seemingly uncontrollably with poor grip on their guns while running backwards towards some sort of cover or at least away from their opponent.

We know that when confronted with a threat, our body is naturally going to lower its center of gravity, orient towards the threat, hands will move up to protect our head, and eyes will both open wide and focus on the threat (the startle flinch). Why then would we train students to blade off thirty degrees from the target and close one eye to focus on the sights. We as Professional Firearm Instructors have a duty to be the most informed people on the training range. We carry such an important load of responsibility when it comes to training people to win an encounter involving firearms.

This weekend I went to Norwalk California in the suburbs of Los angeles for a brief visit and reluctantly traveled via Freeway 5 starting in from San diego to get there. I say reluctantly, because with each passing year the trip gets increasingly more frightening and much more stressful and that is putting it mildly. I was not afraid because it was my first time on this route, but afraid of the scary possibilities that come with the changing times and increased population we now enjoy. In just a short span of time, say the last 10 or 15 years, the gross negligence and absolute lawlessness of driver’s up there has become truly frightening. I must have seen at least 25 people with only one person (the driver) in the car in the “Diamond” (express) lanes arrogantly trying to avoid traffic tie ups. I know I could have counted 50 cars with drivers on the cell phone in their hands either talking or texting with someone while swerving down the road. They seemed completely oblivious to the fact they were driving too slow, swerving and quite frankly loving breaking the law.

Study after study has shown that this idea of Multi-Tasking is not a reality, but only an illusion when our mind switches between two tasks at such a high rate of speed, but they go on to say that accuracy of tasks decreases drastically when we try this with two attention demanding tasks at once. What’s even worse is the fact that there were absolutely no Highway Patrol Officers on the freeway for the full 113 miles of the trip. Except of course, if you saw an officer helping a stranded granny or another car, perhaps from south of the border on the side of the road. NOT ONE actually patrolling for speeders and road acrobatics. The Donut shops must be doing very well these days.

This is not to mention those who arrogantly blast their way down the express lane who were 1) alone in the vehicle in the express lane when it requires 2 occupants. 2) who were carelessly driving too fast, 3) on the cell phone, 4) tailgating. they were doing one or more of these tricks while all alone in the Diamond Lane! This situation really reminded me of the comedian Chris Rock who said, “sure I can drive with my feet too, but that doesn’t mean its a good idea! “

In a nutshell the real problem is no representation from the officers we pay to keep the freeways safe by ACTUALLY “enforcing” laws. How do we get something done? How do the CHP get “anything” done? If you feel vulnerable to bad drivers when your on the Big Freeway 5 on your way to LA, you’re not alone. But as anyone can plainly see, currently you are very alone as to the law enforcement resources available to you along the way. I now have an HD Mini DVR High definition Car Dash Camera to use for evidence should something happen. It is better to have something to back up your story like this dash camera should something come up and it’s your word against theirs. It could also be used by police or in court in case someone else has a crash with no witnesses around to corroborate the story. A little personal security on video and with sound is better than your word in a court of law.

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