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Care of Your Cat – How to Look After Your Cat

Whether you have a cat from a kitten, or you get an older cat, you hairless cats for sale will need to take care of your new charge.

Cats, like all living things, need water. Clean fresh water should be available for your cat at all times.

Your cat will drink milk, but remember it is not natural for a cat to drink cows milk so leave it for an occasional treat.

Your cat will need food of course, and it is best to give them a high quality cat food. Many people prefer to give their cat high quality dry food. It is certainly better smelling than wet cat food!

There are other advantages – cats that are fed on dry food have fewer dental problems, as they are using their teeth to crunch the food. It can be argued that dry cat food is related to kidney disorders, but this can be overcome with plenty of fresh water readily available.

Your cat will need a place to sleep or rest during the day. It should be somewhere warm, away from draughts, and most importantly somewhere to “get away from it all”. Children should be trained that when your cat is in its bed, they mustn’t touch it. Cats do need some private time sometimes.

Cats need exercise, and since a kitten should not be allowed outside until they are six months old, they will need toys to play with. These need not be expensive, in fact my cat seems to prefer toys that I have made myself.

Try folding a piece of paper about 10cm square back and forth like a fan. Tie a piece of string, wool (yarn) or ribbon round the middle and dance it in front of your cat. They will love chasing it and batting it.

Another way to play is to roll up some aluminum foil into a ball. This is light enough for your cat to pat and they wont get their paws caught.

Sweet wrappers, the type that rustle, are great when tied to a piece of ribbon. Get the children to run up and down dragging it behind them, your cat is sure to chase it.

Before your cat goes outside they will need to have their injections, so take them to your local vet. He will also be able to check your cat over for any problems. It is a good idea to have your cat microchipped, if they do wander off then they at least have a chance of being returned to you.

Cats that are allowed to wander about the neighbourhood, have a lifespan of on average five years. If your cat is an indoor cat, then his lifespan will be about fifteen years. If you want to have an indoor cat, then maybe think about getting a cat enclosure so that your cat can go outside sometimes, under supervision.

If you do not have a yard, then think about one of the activity centres for cats. They need not take up too much room, and yet your cat will have somewhere to scratch, climb and rest.

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