Credits-Imvu Uncategorized Bet on Kentucky Derby by placing an exacta perfecta wager

Bet on Kentucky Derby by placing an exacta perfecta wager

There are different ways of betting on horses but the most common is the betting an exacta or also known as perfecta. If you are going to  using perfecta method, that means you have to identify the horses that will place first and second. However, you have to bet them in the right finishing order to win. There are three exacta perfecta bets you can make: a straight bet, box bet and wheel bet, and will discuss each one of them in this article.

• Bet on the Kentucky Derby by placing a straight exacta perfecta bet

First, Choose two horses that you malaysian horse racing think will appear the first and second place at the Kentucky Derby. Then, pay $2 for a straight perfecta bet. Actually, you can choose to higher the wager amount if you like, but the smallest amount you can wager on an exacta is $2. Finally, proceed to the betting window and tell the cashier that you would like to make a two to four exacta bet, that’s only if you want to bet the number- two horse as the first placer and the number- four horse as the second placer.

• Bet on the Kentucky Derby by making an exacta perfecta box bet

Placing a bet for an exacta perfecta box means that you want to place a bet for several horses but uncertain of which order they will finish the race. For instance that you like to bet on the number- two horse and number- four horse but not sure which will come in first of the finish line and which comes in second, boxing those horses means you will win if they finish in first and second place. Calculate your total bet by multiplying the base bet amount by the number of combinations you’ve chosen. For example, a box of horse number two and horse number four yields two combinations: two-four and four-two. The minimum exacta box bet is $1, so a two-horse exacta box is $2, and a three-horse box has six combinations and costs $6 for a $1 base bet. Again, after deciding on which horses you would like to place your bet, it’s time to go at the betting window and ask for a “two-four exacta box” if you choose two horses or for a “two, three, four exacta box” if you want more horses in your bet.

• Bet on Kentucky Derby by placing an exacta wheel wager

If you have a strong feeling that your chose horse will finish first but uncertain of which horse will finish second. Placing an exacta wheel wager is right for you. To calculate your total bet, multiply the base bet amount by the number of horses you think could place second to figure out how much your bet will cost. If you go with the minimum base bet of $1 and you pick number one to win and one other horse to place, your bet will be $2. If you pick number one to win and five other horses to place, your bet is $5. Inform the cashier by saying that you would like an “exacta wheel one over two, three, four.” To win this bet, you’ll need horse number one to win and two, three or four to place.

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