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60 Tips For Guaranteed Weight Loss

How many times have you tried to lose weight only to lose the motivation to do so in a few days? All those magazines claim they know how to shed those pounds and all those fad diets are making you fatigued. Why don’t they work? You ask. Well there is a very simple reason for that. All this is because you do not understand your body. Yes people, your body needs as much sympathy as you do when it is not feeling well. But most people just like to get going on monstrous starvation diets and then beginning to binge eat three days later! How do you think that makes your body feel? Confused, uncared for, and unloved.

But if you are up for some new training, we have the perfect weight loss solutions for you. These are solutions that will work and give you the results that no one has been able to provide. If you can follow these simple weight loss techniques, then we guarantee you will shed those pounds easier than ever before. But all we need from you is a bit of compassion – not for us, but for your own beautiful body. Take a deep breathe and relax – When you are ready to begin, you can start reading further.


We have said it before and we are saying it again, effective weight loss is all about understanding your body. When you need to get something done from someone, your first step is always to get into their heads, so you can get an insight into finding out what they really want and what triggers them to say yes. This is exactly how you are going to begin your weight loss. Buy knowing what your body needs and what triggers it to binge.


Some people emphasize completely on counting calories, and other programs will ask you to ditch it completely. We suggest that you take it into consideration, but don’t let it overwhelm you. Knowing what foods have higher calories will help you towards your weight loss goals. But we will tell you how not to let it overcome your diet to ruin it.


When it comes to weight loss, quick is never as good as effective. Because quick weight loss will only shed pounds most of you will quickly gain back, and lets face it, if you really are here trying to find a way to lose weight, then those fad diets probably made you sick. Been there done that, right? Well, the good news is now you can move on.


Yes. Finally, the real deal on effective weight loss. They might seem a little out-there at first but they will work for you.

1. Forget your weight loss goal. Enough has been said about setting goals and then planning to achieve them. But let me tell you something – if you are here reading this then this goal setting has probably done nothing for you. This is because when you set a weight loss goal, it means sticking to a certain routine. And most of us already have so much going on in our lives that it’s sometimes impossible to work along that set routine.

2. Why you should keep a realistic approach. When you skip the routine it makes you so depressed you actually feel like you are this big loser who cannot do anything right. That doesn’t help now does it? Of course it doesn’t! So the first step to successful weight loss – stop thinking about that depressing objective!

3. Set a motivating future objective. Most of us will do nothing for a goal to lose boring 100 pounds, but we will kill to get a pair of those discounted patented lambskins in one size less, or to get into those sexy jeans you bought last Christmas and can’t fit into anymore.

4. Get into those jeans. Just take a minute, and imagine yourself in those clothes that are only about a size or two in difference. Visualize how great you look! That is what your new ‘goal’ is.

5. Love yourself the way you are. No one likes being called ‘fat’ and ‘ugly’. Your body doesn’t either!

6. Treat your body well. You have to learn to stop treating it like an unwanted piece of merchandise and begin treating it the way it deserves to be treated – only then will it treat you back the same way.

7. Look at the mirror. Yes, look and reason with your body that you now live in an age of plus sizes.

8. Find the right clothes. There are enough gorgeous clothes out there that can and will accentuate your beauty and hide your little chubby faults. I mean, come on, it’s not like you are the only one! Otherwise why would people even make plus size clothes!

9. Get yourself a great new outfit. Most people reserve their shopping for after they have lost the weight. That’s utterly ridiculous. Step out of those baggy pants and that preposterous sweat shirt and go get yourself a gorgeous set of clothes and really go out in those new pair of clothes.

10. New clothes, new you. Those clothes represent your new life as someone who understands their body and is on the way to successful weight loss.

11. When you look good, you feel good. Depression is the real factor behind most kinds of weight gain. To get rid of depression will be to get rid of excess weight.

12. Getting rid of depression. You need to find artificial ways to defy depression and be on the way to a new you. Wear nice clothes; invest in some great looking shoes. Buy some cosmetics or hair products that work for you. The secret to success is in your own hands.

13. Water is your new best friend. Water is the most essential drink you will need to incorporate for successful weight loss. It will also give you great skin.

14. Water is the new classy. You need to stop treating water as some second-grade drink which doesn’t account for those sugary beverages. Think of water as a sparkling, crystal drink that cools and spreads joy inside your body.

15. Cut down on sugary drinks. Replace with water as much as possible. Sugary drinks give you an awful skin, excess weight and cancer. Think of that before you sip out of that disgusting soda.

16. The drawbacks of sugary beverages. If you are an average American then you are gaining 245 calories a day. Multiplied over a year that makes a total of twenty five pounds! If you had been any wiser you would have been 25 pounds thinner this year.

17. Caffeine affiliation. That said, most people are hooked onto the caffeine of the fizzy drinks, so it will take you some time to get used to a no fizzy drink diet.

18. Stop being guilty. Think of guilt as something that physically adds calories to your physique.

19. Learn to instill confidence in yourself. So what if you had that extra glass of carbonated beverage or that yummy looking truffle at the dinner last night. Give yourself a break! It doesn’t mean anything. Move on.

20. Every bit counts. When it comes to weight loss it’s the little things that matter. Even if you get rid of a few calories per day, these will multiply to give you an overall cut down of much more than you think.

21. Keep a positive attitude about weight loss. Appreciate yourself whenever you are able to make any cut down or follow any diet tip.

22. Don’t get lost in calorie counting. If you are at a romantic dinner, bringing out a calculator to add up dinner calories might make you seem a little crazy. Besides, it quite simply does nothing.

23. Good food and bad food. The idea is to simply divide all food into categories than knowing the actual count. For example fruits “low”, sugar “high”, yogurt “low” cream “high”. Greek yogurt “low”, mayonnaise “high”.

24. Substitute fish and seafood wherever possible. When you go out to eat, just try to substitute with seafood, like fish, lobster or shrimp wherever possible. Fish is especially effective for women with PMS symptoms.

25. Diet breaks. You can make a great list of home cooked meals and not be able to do it everyday. A colleague might invite you, a friend may lure you or maybe you see a tasty meal in a magazine and you need to have some outdoor food. Well go, and be happy about it.

26. More on diet break. Consider a glitch in your diet program as a break, a vacation and not as something that will or has broken your weight loss dream.

27. Leave out sugars. Cut down on the sugars as much as possible. When you go out, ask for diet desserts. Instead of ice cream try to develop the taste for frozen yogurt.

28. Diet recipes. There are many diet recipe books available online and in book stores. If you are a fan of cooking then you can try them out at home.

29. Cheese can be tackled. If you are a big fan of cheese then cutting down on it might be a little impossible. So apply the tricks. For making foods like lasagna, you should opt for a stronger cheese. That way you get more flavor while the amount of cheese, and hence the amount of calories, is actually less.

30. Do not ban dairy products. In this day of synthetic foods, the few healthy ingredients left on our menu includes dairy products. Although dairy products might look full of calories, recent studies show that they actually aid in weight loss!

31. Daily dairy count. But of course you can’t go over the top. Keep your daily dairy count to a minimum; say a glass of milk or a slice of cheese.

32. Yogurt – ’nuff said. If I haven’t stressed it enough, then I should say it again – yogurt is the new milk. A cup of yogurt has more proteins and vitamins than double the amount of milk.

33. Substitute dips and dressings. You can also use Greek yogurt as a substitution for mayonnaise or cream based dips and dressings.

34. Grilled is better than fried. Although obvious, this little trick can help you lose a lot of weight. Substitute grilled, smoked or baked for fried wherever possible. Whether its vegetables in Chinese or chicken in a burger.

35. Smoked is also better than fried. Smoked fish is better than fried or even grilled fish. Make these little healthy choices as much as possible and you will see those pounds dropping even when you have been going out a lot.

36. A word about pizza. This is the most difficult binge to controls than any other perhaps because a pizza really isn’t a health food. It’s a little naïve to think that you will be cutting it completely, because you won’t.

37. Pizza problems. But you do have to make sure you eat one not more than once a week. When you do eat, you can make healthier choices by ordering thin crust instead of deep pan.

38. Substitute low-fat or non-fat. Wherever applicable, use low fat milk, cream, cheese and even yogurt. You won’t know the difference when you eat but your body will.

39. Cream is the real culprit. It can be so hard to give up on this on your dessert. But the way to trick your body is to use it sparingly, so you don’t end up feeling deprived.

40. Use whipped cream. One great tip is that one tablespoon of whipped cream carries only about eight calories. So you can use it on a bowl of fresh fruit and get away with it!

41. Don’t make every dairy non fat. Leave one dairy per day or at least every alternate day that is not low fat or non fat. Especially milk. Nutritionists say this actually helps weight loss.

42. When eating out, order salad. This is a must-do for your weight loss program. When you incorporate a salad in your meal, you get filled more quickly and it leaves you no room for more of the main course.

43. Incorporate activity. No diet can help you if you are sitting on your couch and making yourself physically weak and fat. It can be difficult to incorporate exercise and your job may not allow time for gym, but incorporating activity isn’t just about making yourself go to the gym for two days and then leaving it because something else came up.

44. More about activity. Activity can be any activity that makes you feel better. I know this guy who told me how he liked to help people carrying groceries to their cars and using this as a workout! It made him feel better because the people seemed to love him and he was burning calories at the same time. Activity can also be dance lessons! Just imagine if you were lose weight while being able to do salsa!

45. Butter walk. If you really need that cream cheese bagel, then you must walk to go get it. Yes, that is the new rule. Need that evening donut? Walk to get it. You have no idea how many calories you can account for by doing this simple walking ritual.

46. Wholegrain vs. white flour. The debate has gone on for years, and still holds true. White flour relates to weight gain, while wholegrain flour is organic and serves good purpose.

47. All is not bad. You must remember grains and carbohydrates are a part of daily diet and cannot be banned from meals, regardless of what those fad diets say.

48. Being classy helps. It looks more classy and fashionable when you go somewhere and make all those healthy food choices – “Can I have a whole wheat, cucumber sandwich, and a glass of orange juice?” as opposed to “Gimme a mayonnaise sandwich and go heavy on the cheese okay?”

49. Weekend attire. Apparently what you wear on a lazy weekend decides what you will eat on this lazy weekend too. Nutritionists and dieticians confirm that wearing a sweat shirt and flip flops will keep you on the couch with that potato chip bag, while adorning formal wear will give you a feeling of being careful with what you eat.

50. Shop till you drop. This is simply another way to incorporate a healthy activity. If you like shopping then just shop and burn enough fat for a couple of days! Even if you can’t buy, you should try things on or simply window shop.

51. When you plan to go out. When planning an outing, try to program activities that include exercise rather than a simple eating of popcorn. Anything that includes at least a bit of walking would do.

52. Keep fruits and vegetable handy. You can’t keep a diet if you don’t have a stocked fridge. Because if you keep going to the grocery store every time, then you risk losing the urge to keep at the fruit snack and you might indulge in something less amusing on the way. With a stocked fridge, whenever the urge to eat strikes, you can simply go pick up the fruits or vegetables and start filling yourself.

53. Do not listen to fashion models. Magazines sell not only stories, but also the models and it is their business to make it seem like everyone out there should look like this. But be intelligent and know that it is not true! No one you know is a runway model and neither are you. So be realistic and love yourself the way you are because that is what you are good at.

54. Appreciate yourself all the way. It is a simple enough thing to do, and yet we don’t see many people trying this.

55. Tip on appreciation. Whether you stopped yourself from Buy clenbuterol online having a pizza today, or talked on the phone standing up, regard yourself for making the right choice.

56. Enjoy your food. Don’t go about chomping away without even really tasting the food. When you fork something into your mouth, let your taste buds appreciate the meal and enjoy it. Think of how elegant that makes you look too. And slowly you will find yourself eating slower and lesser. Remember that food is not about filling, but about enjoying.

57. Learn to eat with chopsticks. Indulge in some classy food etiquette. Be a connoisseur and use chopsticks wherever applicable. It will not only fill you up quicker, but you will find yourself enjoying the experience.

58. Add green tea and lemon to your food routine. There are enough people out there asking you to try green tea and lemon and telling you they assist in fat burn. There is evidence to the contrary as well, so you can’t decide whether that is true. But one thing is true – green tea is a great way to give your body some healing potion. If nothing else, it will keep you off sugary drinks because it has a low amount of caffeine which can help you cope. In any case it is much healthier than a colored cancerous soda right?! Lemon may not actually burn fat, but it does help metabolism and gives you great skin.

59. Use honey instead of sugar wherever applicable. The feasibility of non-sugar sweeteners is still under consideration, so when staying off sugar may look a little daunting, you can try to replace honey. Honey is an organic and safe product and some civilizations use it religiously for its enormous health benefits.

60. Think clothes, not calories. There is no harm in checking your weighing scale at times, but when you think about weight loss, don’t obsess about counting calories and watching your weighing machine everyday. Sometimes you will lose more and sometimes less. Sometimes your weighing machine won’t show you anything but your body will look all toned and great because of exercise. So gauge results by clothes and how they fit, rather than weighing scales and calories.

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